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Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs
by AC October 22, 2003
A snail that has sold its house for drug money.
Mr. Snail was in a sad situation -- his addiction caused him to sell his house for drug money and become nothing but a scummy slug.
by Anonlolololol November 25, 2010
Slug is the ultimate epitome of laziness. A state of idleness and inactivity, primary caused by excessive weed or alcohol consumption.
eg: Severe slugging after smoking a blunt.
eg: I've had too much to drink, i'm in need of a severe slug.
by Xephh July 02, 2014
One of the best emcees out right now.
Overcast! owns all of you.
by Juan August 29, 2003
The act of covering one's naked self in Vaseline or petroleum jelly and slithering around the room with one or more other partners.
John: Eh you busy bro?

Jacob: Yea sort of

John: Oh, well I was wondering if you wanted play some Slugs later

Jacob: Be over in a minute
by Fapking January 21, 2012
A single-projectile round designed to be fired from a shotgun. The term is often misused to refer to an ordinary bullet. Slugs are often much larger than conventional bullets. While ordinary bullets larger than .50 caliber are illegal or heavily restricted in many jurisdictions, slugs this large are not because they are classified as shotgun shells. Slugs also have the advantage that one can carry a single gun and use it as both a shotgun and a rifle.
Slug rounds are great for hunting deer.
by blenheimears June 14, 2009
To "slug"somebody is the non sexual act in which the slugger holds someone down and then proceeds to slide their penis across a persons face very slowly so the person feels the mans genitals squished against their cheek, nose, mouth, and forehead.
Billy dipped his penis in petroleum jelly before he began to slug his buddy Mike, which left a penis trail across Mikes face.
by BananaSlug July 11, 2013
An adult male that still lives at home, has a part-time job at the mall, and sponges off of parents. Activities include; drinking Four Locos,playing Xbox, sleeping excessively and giving girlfriend a UTI. All around, a lazy, worthless individual.
Steve could not get his life together because he's a fucking SLUG!

Justin's phone got shut off again, what a slug.
by Doctorlawyerocketarms February 18, 2014

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