another word for blokes cock
Get your laughing gear around my slug woman!
by Cheify August 19, 2005
Top Definition
Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs
by AC October 22, 2003
Put two slugs dead in your chest.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
the word "slug" has a variety of definitions:

1. a bullet
2. a shot (of liquor)
3. to punch or knock unconscious

these definitions can often be found in hard-boiled detective fiction popularized by writers such as Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett in the 1930s and 1940s.
1. I fired a couple of slugs into the air to let them know I meant business.

2. I downed a couple of slugs at the speakeasy.

3. You shut your yap before I slug you.
#bullet #liquor #alcohol #punch #hard-boiled #gumshoe
by Erin Wong May 24, 2006
dopest Mc ever, in the entire universe. you haven't heard shit until you listen to slug.
damn yo, all the bitches love slug
by montana is gay March 09, 2004
a slug is a loose woman. women who arent too difficult to persuade to lower their underpants, are slugs. like the slugs of the natural world the 'slug' leaves a slimy trail everywhere she goes.
"that vickys a right slug, have you seen the snail trail she left on my sheets?"

"are we going out slug-hunting tonight gaz?"
#slug hunter #slug #slughunter #snail trail #vicky
by p.f.ryan January 05, 2009
One of the dopest emcees of this era and any era. Honest, dope, self-depreciating. But mostly just on fire! (part of rap group Atmosphere)
Slug loves Lucy Ford.
by edd0 August 31, 2003
A west point cadet who does not play on a varsity sports team. Characterized by napping (taking slugnaps) during every free minute available, usually from lunch to dinner, because they stayed up till 3am watching youtube videos and facebook stalking the night before.

They also frequently drink energy drinks and Mountain Dew, also called slug juice, and enjoy large quantities of chocolate milk after dinner.

Rarely works out, usually only three weeks before Christmas or Easter break to impress the high school girls back home, but when they do they make sure to work their whole body, by whole body I mean biceps and abs (the biceps of the stomach). Prior to this three week period a slug will purchase copious amounts of work-out supplements, or "sups" as they like to call them, to aid in their feeble attempts at acquiring the body of a Greek god.
Dammit there's no chocolate milk left in the mess hall, all the slugs drank it.

The weight room sucked tonight because all the slugs were in there getting their annual work out in before spring break.

I've been doing work and practicing all day and you've been in here sluggin' it up like a piece of shit.
#worthless #west point #cadet #trou #trou bucket
by super slug November 08, 2009
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