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soulseek, a p2p program used to download media files with chatrooms that are corrupted by homophobic racists and people who can't stop talking about the Postal Service.
A slsk user was looking for a Postal Service album when another slsk user called her a nigger faggot.
by Lo Beedle January 27, 2004
abbreviation for "Soulseek"
by le petit diable bleu October 11, 2003
see soulseek. Also to correct the last entry a majority of people are not racists. Also if you're t3h hipsterz fuck off slsk, we don't want trendwhores finding it and RIAA ruining our fun :'(
read my definition on soulseek. It'll give you all the info you need. Oh and someone tell UD to stop giving a shit how long my example is. My example is not needed here. :)
by Shadow0fDeath July 05, 2004
The abbreviation for soulseek. Only used by 1337 hipsters.
DL pr0n 0n slsk, b01!!!!!11
by Tommy Wommy Womsters October 11, 2003