When playing poker the person with the best possible hand takes forever to call an all in. Not nice, generally only done by people who hate each other.
Player 1 has pocket aces
player 2 goes all in
player 1 waits the entire clock then calls at the last second

player 2: "thanks for the slow roll douche!"
by V0b0 December 18, 2009
Top Definition
When someone leads you to believe that you have won a hand in poker, but then turns over a very strong hand.
"I was offended at the way Brad slowrolled me," Jim said.
"What did he do, exactly?" Joe said.
"At the showdown when I turned over my cards, he didn't turns his up after seeing my hand. While I was collecting the chips, he turned over the nuts."
by Alex Baker October 31, 2004
Teasing the opponent by not showing the winning hand until the opponent thinks he has won
I've got AQ, dont slowroll me if you've got AK
by madone January 07, 2008
When a person seeking an answer is perpetually put off, usually by having to answer subsequent questions given consecutively, before his original question may be answered.
Before leaving, Fred's boss Allen executed a perfect slow roll maneuver, delaying Fred's departure by asking made up questions, the answers of which Fred had to find before Allen would allow Fred to depart.
by Fairly Frustrated January 11, 2010
A slow harassing stare by means of wheeled transportation.A deliberate and persistant attempt to harass a work force.
Foreman Rodney stared at me as he began his slow roll on his Ez-Go to harass me as I worked diligently.
by Bigeasyone September 18, 2009
An average of 38+ km/h
Scott Henshaw got on the front of the bunch and did a "slow roll"
by Exchange August 10, 2015
When you are having sex really fast and you want it slow.
"Slow your roll" "Slow Roll it for a sec"
by xMontex January 04, 2009
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