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Moron, idiot, slow witted, a person of low intellect.
That Jin is some kind of slow ped.
by mfish December 20, 2008
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( slope-head) A racist term from a shitty town in Alaska known as "Nome". It is used to describe a drunk native alaskan who is being a dumbass. The word "slope" comes from the many slopes of alaska during winter caused by the snow building up on objects like the mountains or buildings. Many people in the town call each other that. And when I say people, I mean raw eaters.
native- "dude pass me my drink man, quit being a honky"

white person- " Shut up you fucking slope head!"

native-" what the fucks a slow-ped?"

white person-" your momma's moma"
by patcabby January 13, 2011
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