Slovenia is a country that is located in central Europe. Although Slovenia is a country today, Slovenia has never existed in history before 1991. Originally the land of present day Slovenia belonged to the Habsburgs in the 14th century (later known as Austria-Hungary in 1867) and then became apart of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1918 (later known as Yugoslavia in 1929).
Slovenia was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (later known as the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1945) until it got it's independence in 1991. It is today a member of the EU and NATO.
by Bertrand January 15, 2006
maddest country in the world. carinthia (which was formorly slovenia) was the pioneer of the welfare system. e.g). If you were a widow and your husband died in a war serving the country they would give you a pension. Same with disabilities.

though slovenians are of slavic desent like croats and serbs...etc we are a passive people that dont get pissed off easily.

Slovenia was originally twice the size as it is today, but as lot of its lan (carithina) was stolen by the italians, croats, austrains and pretty much all of its neighbours since as i mentioned before they are a passive people and would rather give up their own land then fight for it. They still stopped the turks on one of their invasions though, so geramns and austrians owe slovenia more than they think.

and btw, kransky is slovenian. It comes from a town callled krane (spellin isnt correct on that i thinks). It is NOT bosnian, german, croatian or wateva people would lead u to believe.

slovenians are usually a fair bit talller and have really wide shoulders which are good for tennis. for example novak djokovic and sharapova has those kind of shoulders and build.
there are only 5 million slovenians living out of their country and 2 million living in it. most of them fled during the world wars to different countries.
gee that slovenians a tank
by robbo9550 January 12, 2009
a rather developed country. not poorer than italy!
slovenia is a country which can kiss italy's ass
by didier April 27, 2007
It's a cute little country in central europe. A lot like Austria, only much smaller.
Austria jr. if you will.
by Ron January 07, 2005
The "biggest" country ever!! All Slovenian people are named Janez. Slovenia also has the longest coastline in whole universe.
Pope: I live in the world's biggest state, Vatican!!
Janez: No You don't, Slovenia is bigger!
by njava the collosal February 28, 2008

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