To get into a nice barrel. Either surfing or bodyboarding. Being slotted is similar to getting a barrel, but is much tighter and harder to control. Similar to how a coin slot is only big enough to fit coins, when you are slotted, the water is barrelling just enough for you to sit in quite nicely.
>>> you got slotted on that wave man... looked sick as... wasnt the biggest barrel, but fuck it looked nice n cosy in there.

>>> see that bro, got slotted hardcore on that wave... i was waiting to get dumped, but it peeled over at the last second... epic
by omg i am wtf uber September 15, 2007
Top Definition
Britsh Army slang - to kill someone by shooting
I slotted the terrorist
by slangman February 19, 2004
Male term for - Had sex with, fucked, shagged.
Hey mate, I slotted your sister last night

I've not had sex in years, so I slotted a prostitute
by louisfifer October 12, 2008
Drunk, usually heavily so. Drunk to the point of not remembering what happened
Man, I was so slotted last night.
by George M February 18, 2004
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