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Being addicted to unpredictable behavior in a relationship.
A relationship with a guy or girl that is so unpredictable, that waiting for them to be nice becomes addictive - much like in the way that playing a slot machine repetitively waiting for 3 cherries is addictive.
I'm sick of Kristy complaining about never knowing if her boyfriend is going to be nice to her or be a jerk...she needs to get out of that slotlationship!
by actorfest September 15, 2009
A way to describe a relationship where one or more parties plays their cards close to their chest. You are like a slot machine that your partners pulls and they could either come up cherries or bust, its all up to what you want to show them.

Being a bit mysterious with what you are vesting in the relationship and not coming on to strong, such as placing a girl you just met as your profile picture on facebook.
You might need to be in a slotlationship, where the girl never knows if it comes up cherries or a 7,2,4.
by GUERILLAONE September 15, 2009
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