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adj. 1a. of, or relating to the sloth, esp. in its slow and apathetic behavior
Pevin Lekay has a slothful attitude toward religion.
by Max December 07, 2004
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the state of pissing in an empty soda or beer bottle and pouring it down the dorm sink
Bob was pretty slothful during the party last night.
by pwnfuckmissile September 16, 2007
A person with lazy habits who increasingly worsens.
"Hey Slothful Mark - Can we have a garage sale at your house in 2 months?" - s said

"Oh yah, dooooo, we can have one." - Slothful Mark replied

....every day for the next two months:
"Don't forget to ask the other tenants about the garage sale!" - s to Slothful mark

...2 months later(night before the garage sale):
"What the imboo?!?! You still haven't told your neighbors?" - s to Slothful mark

"Whaaaaatttttttt?" - S.M. to s
by leroy January 28, 2005

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