The lovable retard who befriends Chunk in the '80s movie The Goonies
Sloth is a giant retard
by xxTheLongestFallxx February 26, 2007
a sleezy ass hoe
slothing: the act of being a sloth;
sleezing on someone
Girl whos wearing a shirt: "hey can i wear your shirt?"
Guy: "hell no you sloth!"
by theedefiance April 06, 2010
A very slow creature that takes a long time to do a simple task.
for example the sloth is very slow to shuffle and deal a pack of cards and to play.
by The greasefish February 06, 2009
sloths are slow moving creatures who live in the rainforest! they can swim really well! they also let bugs and alge live on their back! they are also my fave mammel!!!
im a sloth in summer!
by Drama0176 July 17, 2008
Someone that moves at such a slow pace or is so lazy that they could only be labelled with such a name. Sloth can sometimes be used to label a pothead, or someone under the influence of weed.
Example 1:

Harry: Hey Lach, when are you going to get off your ass and remove the dead kitten from the toaster?

Lach: Meh'

Harry: SLOTH!

Example 2:

Harry (Pretty Alright) : Dude, can you pass me the potato chips?

Lach (very high) : I can't move...too high.

Harry: (Pretty alright) : dude, you are such a giant sloth

by Camperdown July 10, 2008
1. A sloth is a slow moving animal which prefers to dwell high up amongst the trees. Generally this gentle beast only comes down to the ground in order to take it's bi-weekly defecation.

2. A character from the show Goonies.

3. One of the seven deadly sins: laziness, slovenliness, procrastination.
My boyfriend is such a frigging sloth when it comes to doing housework.
by EmberDust September 12, 2011
Adjective - 1. Synonym for the word "chill".

2. Used interchangeably with "chill" in the same context as "chill".

3. Synonym for the word "cool" when used in the phrase "Cool story bro".
Sean: Yo Kevin how was your day today bro?
Kevin: It was a pretty sloth day Sean.

Kevin: Dude that girl over there is kind of cute.
Sean: Yeah dude I hear she's so sloth.

Sean: So one time I was walking in to my car and I saw gum on the ground!
Kevin: Sloth story bro, tell it again!
by KillerUnit May 18, 2011

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