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A term referring to when white slave owners would invite their friends over to participate in banging slaves.
Thomas Jefferson: "Hey Abe, you and Washington wanna come over and dip your banana in some chocolate?"

Abe: "Well, I would lie, but let me live up to my name (Honest Abe), and tell you I am definitely in for another slorgy!"

Washington (in the background) "Count me in you Crackers!!!"
by lulem400 August 24, 2010
An orgy with a particularly high concentration of slutty whores...see slore
Baumy: I dunno doc, it just burns when I pee...

Doc: Hmmm... When's the last time you were involved in a slorgy?
by DonsFranz March 06, 2010
when a bunch of people (5+) sleep on top of each other with blankets for an orgasmic degree of warmth.
yo man, remember that slorgy last night?

yeah, sleeping under those blankets with Jim and John made me sooooo warm
by J-marquees July 16, 2011
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