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Combination of SLO and whore. A promiscuous female who resides in San Luis Obispo (SLO), CA.
When in SLO, do as the slores do!
by Colin the Damaja September 09, 2005
5 9
slore is a word to describe a person who is a slut/whore
Oh my god! you did my brother!! you are such a slore!
by icy_blues May 14, 2005
4 8
A slutty whorish girl .
You: You slore ! That was my boyfriend .
Her: I know .
by Courtney December 21, 2003
3 7
1. A combination of the werdz, slut and whore
2. Persons that like to take part in promiscuous activities, for little or no money.
3. Persons, mostly female that are very slutty and most of the time are ugly. Vary rarely you come across a hott slore.
2. Yo dawg, I had no cash and I still got to fuck dis' slore.
3. Yo dawg, look at dat' nasty girl ov'r there. She's a fuckin' slore.
by pAtmOthAFnpRIcE March 24, 2003
2 6
a slut who is a whore who takes money for sex
that bitch is a slore
by russell the truth December 13, 2005
3 8
is a combination of whore and slut, meaning girls that are easy to procreate with but requires inebriation. For example, Those slurs need to come over and party with us.
Those girls from town are slore. Why wont those slurs come over sooner.
by Dominic April 21, 2004
1 6
An abbreviation of the phrase "slut whore"
Uhh Nate Tisa is such a slore
by Cheaaaaaaa June 01, 2007
1 8