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1.) a person who steals boys
2.) Slut+Whore=slore
3.) Does drugs all day errrday
4.) Name may or may not rhyme with shmayla shmane
hint. it does.
do you see that coke slore? yeah, isnt that fayla snane?!
by hahahahhehehehhohohoho October 28, 2010
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A slutty type of whore that really no one gives a shit about.
OMG!!! Did you see Ashley Tisdale on that show? She looked like such a slore
by OMGGIRLS September 20, 2010
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A combined slut and whore. Someone who is just so slutty and whorey that one word could not truly do justice to describe them, thus eliciting the combination of two.
Regular female: I sure hope to wait until I'm in a relationship with someone I truly have feelings for before I just start having sex all willy-nilly!

Slore: Moar penis, plz.
by KerrangGal September 13, 2010
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a huge slut and a big whore all in one.
Haras is a slore.
by KizzleBee September 07, 2010
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a girl that wears slutty clothes and is a whore aka has sex with madd dudes
veronica was being such a slore at the party, she couldn't keep her hands off any of the guys
by ktfay July 21, 2010
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the mixture of a slut and a whore
oh yeah what a slore
by soulja booiii June 16, 2010
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A slut who is a whore. An easier way of saying this would be "slore"
tim: did you see that girl last night she was such a whore.
alex: more like slut.

kaelin: you mean slore?
by mushroomss April 08, 2010
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