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Having the runs unexpectedly. Being in danger of sharting oneself.
Bill: How was the caf?
Shaun: I had the sloppy joes.
Bill: I didn't see that on the menu.
Shaun: They weren't on the menu....
by A.G.T. March 22, 2011
A mixture of ground meat and usually a tomato sauce with diced onions and peppers and then served on a sandwich bun.Commonly Ketchup is used with the meat.Name is derived from the fact its a very "sloppy" sandwich to eat.
We had Sloppy Joes and salad for lunch today.
by Dewey D. Cimal July 22, 2006
An urban legend.... One day this lady named Mary found out that her husband, Joe, was cheating on her! They owned a resturant together and she decided to close shop for the day. She invited his parents over for dinner for the following day and she then proceeded to murder her husband and turned him into what we know as "sloppy joes". After his parents had arrived and was served the Sloppy Joes, they ate up and asked where their son was. Mary then replied "You're eating him." and that is how the cookie crumbles, or how joe is chopped.......
let me tell you a story of Sloppy Joes
you better not cheat on me or I'll turn you into sloppy joes
by Liv.Sae March 25, 2011
When you have sexual intercourse with a women right after she just got done having sex with another man.

You get the "Sloppy Joes"
Name is derived from the fact that it is quite sloppy when you get the seconds of a women who just got banged!

May also refer to "Sloppy Joes" if the girl is on her period, or she previously got banged so hard her Vag started to bleed.

EP: Hey man, did JP hook up with that one sexy blondy last night?

Lilou: Yes, but guess what! I saw her walk out of a room with another guy before she went and met up with JP!

EP: Damn playa, nigga got the Sloppy Joes!

by Pham Phamily March 30, 2008
oral sex with a large amount of bodily fluids used.
my dear synthia! that was definatly a wonderful sloppy joe you performed on me this eve'!
by rhinohed February 01, 2003
a really gross girl who needs to wash her face and hair
sloppy jo is very sloppy and she has craters in her sloppy jo is all sloppy and NO JO!!!!!1
by Ren June 27, 2004
"Sloppy joes" refer to the butt cheeks of a large woman. One butt cheek would be refered to as a "sloppy joe" since you are only talking about one cheek not both. "sloppy joes" are not the same thing as a donk the term is only used when talking about a heavy woman.
1: holy crap dude look at that chick
2: dude those are the biggest sloppy joes ever!

1: i think i have to go on a diet
2: why?
1: i think im starting to get sloppy joes
by von cake October 09, 2012
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