When your bonin' a chick in the ass and after you cum in her ass you pull it out, smush them together with your cock in the middle and wipe it off between the cheeks.
"I really liked the sloppy joe you gave me last night. But it sure did itch."
by Meat Helmet July 24, 2009
When you have spunk on you hand and you wipe it over a unsuspecting victim
Glen "get tumi, have a sloppy joe"
by Tumi mosiki March 25, 2009
An Italian man that wears a dirty wife-beater.
person 1: Damn did you see sloppy Joe?
person 2: Yeah he had sauce all over his wife-beater.
by susie wong February 19, 2008
When you eat a girl out when she is having her period. Much tastier than the one that you buy at the market.
Man, I was hungry last night. Luckily, my girlfriend came over and I had a Sloppy Joe.
by sloppyguy April 30, 2009
sloppy cunt
-You're such a sloppy cunt!
-shhh there are kids around
-ohhh! you're such a sloppy joe!
by ptaztic April 08, 2010
A sex move. When a woman puts slopy joe in her vagina then a man licks it off.
I gave Brittney a sloppy joe last night
by EmoCookies June 27, 2009
When a person(male or female) takes a shit on your cock and then fuck with the shit all over your dick
"Last night was great!" "Jimmy gave me a sloppy joe and we had fun for hours!"
by Peter B. Stiff January 23, 2009

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