When you shit inside a condom and hit yo bitch upside the head with it.
Jamal: "Hey shaniqua why yo eye all blak n blue n shit"

Shaniqua: "My boyfriend just hit me upside the head with a sloppy joe"
by Warrio Dunken September 20, 2009
A sexual act, in which the male shits inside of a condom, then lets it harden in the freezer before having sex. When the female approaches orgasm, he takes it from the freezer and fucks her with it until she passes out. While asleep, the female is not aware that the male has left the condom in and, as it thaws, shit comes pulsing out from between her pussylips like sloppy joe sauce.
I heard you gave your girlfriend a sloppy joe... and AIDs.
by Styxhexenhammer August 28, 2009
When in the 69 position the male is on top driving his penis into the womans mouth as he slowly pushes out a shit so that it drops on her face
Wow babe you really cleaned up nice after that sloppy joe I gave you
by T-Ben June 24, 2009
You soak a load of toilet paper to get it nice and moist and then you lob it at any window/car/person/unexpecting victim/arab/expecting victim or any other object you would want to throw wet loo roll at.
I was walking to work and I got sloppy joe all over me
by TJ Baxter March 04, 2009
when the male places curly fries around his dick, and puts condiments on them (hence 'sloppy') and the girl removes them with her mouth.
Jay: dude what ever happened with that girl?
Cory: oh nothin really, she just gave me a sloppy joe.
by CoryMar October 27, 2008
noun A grotesque (& awesome!) sexual act when after taking a dump on a womans back, the man proceeds to have anal sex with her until reaching climax, blowing clumpy man-chowder all over the steaming pile of feces.
"Hey Erik hows' the misses?", asked Tom.
Erik replied, "Man last night me and Julio, be tag teamin' that blonky bitch and I decided to spice things up with the mad flava of sloppy-joe. Shit was sensational."
by Evan604 August 04, 2008
When you go to hook up with a guy and instead of kissing him you make a hysterical move to lick his face and make wierd noises with your mouth and tongue. All in the hopes of scaring the guy away.
Hey! So I heard you gave Nate the sloppy joe?
Yeah. I think I was his first kiss.
by The Sloppy Joe Master March 26, 2010

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