A term used to describe one who lacks fanciness beyond accepted boundaries or exhibits other forms of general irresponsibility.
Mark: Did you see what Tom was wearing yesterday? He looked like he just climbed out of bed.

Ann: Yeah, he's such a sloppy joe.
by Crivello January 13, 2011
When a girl is on her period, she poops without wiping. Then the guy has anal sex with the girl, and then takes his poop covered penis and sticks it into the girl's vagina. The poop and blood mix to form a red meat-looking substance. The guy then eats it out of the girl, the vaginal lips being like the buns.
My girlfriend makes the best sloppy joes.
by the really real master January 03, 2011
A joint that was rolled so sloppy it bothers the smoker(s).
-Ay who rolled this sloppy Joe?
-i did my bad i was in a hurry.
-i don't care if you had your balls waxed off you never roll a sloppy Joe.
by StonedAge November 21, 2010
crazy, wild, sloppy, wet sex. it involves the male inserting his penis into the vagina soft when it is covered in globs of lube. after this you just gyrate and undulate out of control.
Ellen and I just sloppy joed and made a huge mess everywhere.
by swimminboi4 April 12, 2010
When a southern tonk goes flaccid for no reason before sex.
Nope his dick did a sloppy joe.
by Old Grit March 27, 2011
a very loose and free lipped vagina that has a bad habit of cumming too early and uncontrollably. noun
man i fucked that woman so hard that she left me with a sloppy joe.
by fsdbk November 04, 2010
Any form of oral sex, either given or received, involving a female cafeteria worker (ie: a "lunch lady") Typically the cafeteria worker is wearing a hairnet and has allowed her wostache (a female mustache) to grow into a prominent feature of her face. Sloppy Joes are the most common, and perhaps the sole, cause for orally transmitted pubic lice.
"How the fuck did he manage to catch crabs off a blow job? Must've been a Sloppy Joe."

"Hey, I thought you left your money at home today, how'd you get that pizza?"

"Oh, I just gave Bumquisha a Sloppy Joe. But now everything tastes like herpes."
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