Rachel Saperstien. A.K.A. Recky Shlop. Anally fixated. Hangs out with Buddy Butt.
Recky Shlop, that sloppy broad, took it in the ass last night while Buddy Butt watched.
by DRO May 25, 2004
Top Definition
A Girl who is the one that you smile at and she sucks your dick. This is the one that you dont have to put any effort into, and you know she wants it. This is not a girl you have to talk to and get to know, this is the one that your see at a party drunk off her ass and no spitting game is needed. True sloppy girls dont even need to be drunk.
1)Now Camille is sloppy, just smile at her and she will sukc your dick.
2) Senior, white, sloppy, now thats what i like.
by Bobbydizzle January 31, 2007
See: Altland. Often consumes too much alcohol to maintain a state of proper human being. Such actions include repeated rambling, yelling, inability to stand up on two feet, and in worst case sloppiness episodes, puking.
GFD (God fucking damnit) Altland is sloppy again.
by GetoffMe January 10, 2005
a term used to describe an individual who frequently gets overwhelmingly intoxicated
activities may include using slurred speach, drinking and driving, or burrying the ponch
by Anonymous December 08, 2002
a state of being where one is entirely inebriated beyond comprehension, memory loss is common in this state
Yo, for road rally Chris was so sloppy he kissed Tom and it wasn't even a challenge!
by Infamous Zeus salt n pepa hair November 22, 2010
A quality of a person who needs to get really wasted and gross in order to have a good time or impress/entertain others. TSloppy people drink and drink and drink, then holler and jump around for a bit before you have to just put them in a corner and watch them puke all over themselves. Great kodak->facebook opportunity.
Raquel is such a sloppy fool. There is now puke all over my basement and all of my parent's exotic beverages are empty and laying around her 'corner'.
by Staplers December 19, 2009
adj. The state of intoxication slightly beyond tipsy. This can best be achieved by consuming 4 - 7 alcoholic drinks in an hour.
Person 1: Dude, are you good to drive tonight, you've been drinking pretty hard.
Person 2: It's cool man. I'm sloppy, but I'll definitely make it home.
by gabulldogs123 May 29, 2008
A group of rather large girls that go out to drink and are typically willing and ready to go all the way
Where the sloppies at tonight son
by oooohyamama November 26, 2010
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