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A "sloppy waffle" is the result of an event similar to a "circle jerk", difference being the "winner" gets to eat what must be a waffle, after he is the last of at least two participants to ejaculate on it.
Josh: Yo Slops, tell Shazz here what Belgian Breakfast is.
Darren: You see, it's what happens when at least two fags and or frat boys gather around an Eggo and start tuggin', the participant who is able hold in his lode long enough to be the last one to blow gets to eat it. A Belgian Breakfast is the result of a round-robin tournament, where the winners pile their winnings in a stack of sloppy waffles, winner of the tournament gets to...
by teh_slops September 02, 2010
A girls lose vagina, like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
I tried fucking this chick last night but it was sloppy waffles.
by kfed34 June 13, 2010
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