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Term used to describe a dirty whore who takes little or no care of her worn out cooch and it becomes rotten, brown, and smells like a Long John Silvers fish platter.
I was going to go down on her but I didnt know she was makin sloppy tacos for dinner.
by SeptiK September 08, 2003
(Sex Move) during sex when a man is almost to climax he pulls out and releases his load on the womans vagina lips.
thus the sloppy taco.
Man: ooooh that feels so good.
Woman: Oh my god
Man: (splooge) yah! all over your cooch you whore.
Woman: not another sloppy taco.
by pea_body January 29, 2010
To take a shit in a girl's pussy, and then you eat her out.
That sloppy taco last night was messy as hell.
by Anzulo Nildo October 20, 2003
When one is having sex and can't seem to keep his penis inside the other person
"That sex would have been great had Brad not pulled a Sloppy Taco the whole time!
by Pro-Win February 23, 2015
A sloppy taco is when you taco someones backpack, but in the midst, you lose one of their books, or forget one of their books, etc, causing them to forget them.
Dude.. Dave gave me a sloppy taco the other day I lost my spanish book.
by innov8 October 20, 2006
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