When you take a dump and then a chick/dude licks your ass instead of using toilet paper.
I was giving him a bumpkin, but I got hungry and gave him a sloppy joe.
by DaddyAZ September 12, 2008
The name for a sadistic sexual act where intercourse is had through the anal sphincter of a female or male. During the process of intercourse, the head of the taker is shoved into a meat grinder by the giver. The gruesome process is therefore appropriately deemed sloppy joe. This process is most commonly called by a miller. Keep down your lunch, kids.
1. The repititous act of smashing through walls left the KoolAid man not only mentally disabled, but unable to stand loud noises. And so, a loud moan becomes the key ingredient for a sloppy joe... with the help of the meat grinder.
by Murphy TIts January 30, 2008
the act of taking a "greaser shit"(taking a large dump with a dip of tabacco) not wiping your ass. leaving the shit bake in your toilet for weeks then taking a shower with shit still covering your ass then keeping the dip in for weeks at a time.
dude that was a hell of a sloppy joe.
my ass stunk for weeks after that sloppy joe.. but my dip is still great.

boomer simms and azdum all three took a sloppy joe in grammies bathroom at one point in time.DAMN!
by the devil from the nc of pa September 20, 2008
To suck the loose stool out of one's anus.
There was no toilet available, so he asked her to give him a sloppy joe.
by Rob Marconi August 25, 2007
Anal sex after the reciever has ingested laxatives. Works best after letting the laxatives take effect. After pulling out, you pretty much have a chili dog, but that definition is already taken with a whole new meaning, so this is now called the "Sloppy Joe".
"Tracy took several X-Lax tablets hours before Keith rammed her bunghole, so when he removed his penis, he noticed they had made a sloppy Joe"
by Tonya and Steve February 13, 2008
This is to graphic to describe, but it involves the leftover fluid from a texas chili bowl, a possum (dead or alive), a wooden dildo, your schools lunch ladys, and a german dominatrix. The result is the "meat" found in your schools sloppy joes
Lunchlady: who wants some sloppy joes.. I made them extra sloppy for yous kids, cause i know yous likes em sloppy. hahahaha
by JDubz October 23, 2006
When you take a shit between the girls butt cheeks and she squeezes them together making the sloppy joe
When I took a dump between julios gonzaleZ's aka weezy moms butt cheeks making the best sloppy joe I've ever had
by marcel2007 July 28, 2006
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