When you have spunk on you hand and you wipe it over a unsuspecting victim
Glen "get tumi, have a sloppy joe"
by Tumi mosiki March 25, 2009
An Italian man that wears a dirty wife-beater.
person 1: Damn did you see sloppy Joe?
person 2: Yeah he had sauce all over his wife-beater.
by susie wong February 19, 2008
When you eat a girl out when she is having her period. Much tastier than the one that you buy at the market.
Man, I was hungry last night. Luckily, my girlfriend came over and I had a Sloppy Joe.
by sloppyguy April 30, 2009
sloppy cunt
-You're such a sloppy cunt!
-shhh there are kids around
-ohhh! you're such a sloppy joe!
by ptaztic April 08, 2010
A sex move. When a woman puts slopy joe in her vagina then a man licks it off.
I gave Brittney a sloppy joe last night
by EmoCookies June 27, 2009
When a person(male or female) takes a shit on your cock and then fuck with the shit all over your dick
"Last night was great!" "Jimmy gave me a sloppy joe and we had fun for hours!"
by Peter B. Stiff January 23, 2009
when a guy recieves falatio from a female, he thrusts her head downward on his penis forcing her to throw up all over you.
Aw man! i was getting blown by michele and she gave me a sloppy joe
by alex[tptf] March 04, 2008

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