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The slimy, slug like state of your taliwacker after engaging in dirty raw sex over a long period of time. It is caused by vaginal secretion and leaves a thick film on your cock that smells similar to the atlantic ocean at low tide.
The morning after Kimbo Slice gave Elizabeth a good raw vagina pounding for several passionate hours, Elizabeth turned to him, saw his slimy hog stuck to the side of his leg and said "Damn Kimbo, your slop dick smelled so bad that I couldnt even sleep all night".
by Scottmikie9 November 24, 2006
The curve of a penis that gives it a C shape. Usually found in overweight or in men who live in their parents basement till they're 50.
"He's such a loser, you know hes gotta have a slopdick."
by Nikko11 November 07, 2011