street name for a group of SLUTS
"Some of them sloozies over their got STD's for days brah"

"Yo invite some sloozies to this party, we trying to get laid son"

"Sloozies will be Sloozies"

"Those sloozies are all over that nigga!!" "He's gonna catch tonight"

"If you want some action you better hang with the sloozies, not the prude hoes"

by McCoy the LEGEND April 09, 2012
Top Definition
Noun or adjective;

1. Literally a cross between a slut and a floozy.

2. The ultimate whore.

3. Word to describe the kind of person mentioned above.
Conservative best friend: "Sarah, you look like such a sloozy with that skimpy dress on."

Angry ex-girlfriend: "That sloozy bitch stole my boyfriend!"
by youreonastick September 03, 2006
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