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Sloot is the basic word. The more O's in "sloot", the sluttier the girl is. 2 O's is the minimum, you can add as many O's as necessary to add emphasis to just how slutty the girl is.
That bitch? Her and her friends are some slooooooooots, let me tell you.

There were some slooooooty girls at the party!
by DieselAJ November 22, 2004
slut who is played like a flute
danielle is such a sloot
by thestauker January 25, 2009
A female who in general likes to fuck. She can be bought, bartered for, or for free. Hangs out all over the world, but they gather in large numbers at the 4 floors of whores. Will fuck even if your roommate is in the room sleeping, only feet away. At times their shorts have stains on them, and oddly enough their clothes can be worn by your fiends. Mostly they love funyuns, and talking to one another in their mysterious language.

It is pronounced: sluut...with the long drawl of the u.
Dude 1: Hey bro whats up?

Dude 2: Nothing man, I am tired as hell as I just finished fucking my sloot.

Dude 1: I hope you wrapped it.
by The man of legends June 12, 2008
Sloot" (Sa-Loot) - One many would confuse with a "slut" or a "loot" but it's really just the two combined. A girl who picks up guys and try's them out. 'Usually' steals them from other girls. Like a slut but without the sexual adjective.
"Don't let her take ya man! She's a sloot!"

Guy 1: "Emily picked up a new guy at that party, last week, did ya hear?"

Guy 2: "Yah! She's a sloot!"
by PonderousThoughts August 14, 2014
a younger girl who is really slutty and who does not acknowledge her sexual behavior amongst her peers.
R: hey man what's up?
B:just got a text message from my sloot.

R: yeah? I was talking to some sloots last night.
by daginger February 22, 2014
The cuter version of "slut," and is also the censored version. Most people use it around adults so they won't know what they're talking about, or with friends to be funny.
That girl's a sloot!
A what?
What's a sloot!
A slut!
Ohhh yeah she is!
by halfrice December 06, 2011
Slang for Slut.
Those girls from Whoreton St. are super slooty
by tall creepy nigga February 27, 2011
A colloquial term for a lady.
"Terry did you bone that sloot last night?"
by Huxmeister January 11, 2010