a slang reference to the word slut but way cooler.
Lucy: hey scott whats up

Chris: dont talk to me you dirty sloo bag ya!
by scott from renfrew August 15, 2006
Top Definition
A girl who isn't quite a slut, but gets around just enough to have the reputation of being easy.
Chris: She met you at a party where she knew 50 football players would be blackout drunk? Sounds like a slut.

Max: Nah, man. She's just a sloo.
by Chris_01 September 05, 2007
Pronounciation Sl-oo (like Ig-loo)

The male slut.

Use of the word requires less conviction than the female counterpart

The higher the number of pulls the more 'o's added to the word.
For example,

Man gets with an unusually large number of partners on a single occasion. Other man has the right to call Man 1 a sloo. Women have no right to use the term on men.
by a mans man February 18, 2013
A different word used to call someone a slut.
Vanessa is a SLOO!
by maddawgshizzle April 16, 2009
The noise you make when drinking tea
This tea is good! Sloo!
by Capn Teeth July 01, 2009
An alternate pronunciation of Slut.. Carries the same meaning as slut... An easy or promiscuous woman
Let's go slay some sloos.
by Taylor Massey June 13, 2007
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