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Verb/Noun: /ˈsləl/
Sad lol. FML to a lesser degree. A lol at an unfortunate turn of events: ie. lol at how bad my life is.
A bad photo is posted on facebook of you, you comment 'slol'.

Slol!! Amelia can't come tonight.

I just lost the game, slol.
by MoxieAmelia October 29, 2010
When your IMing people and everyone always sayslol without really meaning it. So therefore, when u are actually loling, u say SLOL:
seriously laughing out loud!
YOU: Pocahontas was such a slut!
Me : slol!
by zozo May 13, 2005
Sarcastically Laughing Out Loud
I just love running into my ex and his beautiful wife...SLOL #SLOL
by ikandimandi January 26, 2015
"seriously laughing out loud"

Many people use "lol" while messaging, but don't really laugh in reality. When saying "slol" you know they are really laughing.
Coolman343: Hey man, guess what I did?
NoClue87: What dude?
Coolman343: My girlfriend just broke up with me because she didn't like the fact that my penis curves to the right. She said it doesn't feel good poking into her side.
NoClue87: slol
by E Wolf October 25, 2007
Contrary to popular belief... SLoL actually means Shit!-Laugh-Out-Loud

Primarily used when given surprising news and requires both "Shit" and "LoL" to Fully get the point across (see below)
Jeff- "Dude My Girlfriend is Pregnant! What am I gone Do?"
Mike- "SLoL... Dont you mean FUTURE Baby Mama?"
Jeff- "Fuck you man"
by Jhacob June 15, 2009
slol = stop laughing out loud

The other defitions are dumb, slol really means stop laughing out loud. It should be used when someone says lol when they shouldn't be.
Guy #1: Yeah so my mom died today
Guy #2: LOL
Guy #1 Slol, you retard
by 12345land July 28, 2007
"Saying LOL out loud."

Most people typing "LOL" aren't really laughing but rather smiling to themselves (see lqtm) or just saying "LOL".
person x: <something hilarious>
person y: slol
by jukeks June 16, 2007
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