A last name, Commonly from Wales Meaning King or Lord in Welsh..Obviously
Slocum Means King
by Demon_Spawn September 02, 2008
Top Definition
A Geeky child with a thin, unsatisfying penis. Sex with said individual lasts thirty seconds or less. WARNING: talking to one will lead to stalking and heated debates over nothing.
God Damn that slocum is fucking annoying.
by nonda nidledick March 04, 2009
A family of Bassasses, not to be triffled with. Cross the street to avoid them. If thier first name is Jon consider moving to the other side of the planet to avoid them.
Person 1: Eh man, lets go fuck up that guy over there and take his money.

Person 2: Nah man, that dudes a Slocum, you fuck wit him man, you be callin down tha thunda!
by [Jon] August 31, 2008
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