A combination of slug and clock. Massively wild punch to the face.
If you don't stop playing "Friday" I'll freaking slock you
by Shridbad May 16, 2011
Top Definition
(prison slang, combination of sock/lock) 1. n. A common prison weapon consisting often of one or more padlocks or combination locks placed in a sock, which is then used like a club to beat someone.
2. v.t./v.i. To beat (someone) in this manner.
Bubba took that slock of his and gave Pee Wee a beatdown.
by LtCmdrData August 27, 2006
To slap someone with his cock
I like to slock Jenny on the face while she is sleeping.
by Toto-bratislava February 19, 2015
They are not socks but they are not slippers they are warm yet lower on your foot than an ankle sock and they feel as flexible as a sock
Girl- these Slocks are so comfy and flexible but don't even have a thick sole
by Coolio19 April 22, 2015
To slock: to give a slap, with the cock
if you're not nice, i'm going to slock your face hard !
by Captain Brieuc September 16, 2010
A Slap and a Sock
"Our kids are irritating us so much we just wanna slock em"
by Ladibugg069 February 25, 2010
Basicaly this is a slap with a cock... you can use that as a noun or a verb.
Two girls :
- did you have a great time last night with Brian?
- well yeah but now i have a real big headache...
- oh yeah i know that, did he slock you ?
- whooo the best slock ever...
by JulienL August 16, 2009
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