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its another word for a blow job.
those two sloppy donkeys gave me the best slob job i've ever received.
by Johnny Stats July 23, 2006

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A more accurate description of a 'blowjob' or the act of sucking a wang.
Give me a slobjob, woman.
by Shiphen December 03, 2007
A hand job or blow job performed in a really trashy manner.
She gave him a slob job in the school parking lot.
by LanzAlx November 28, 2013
When a female takes a poop, does not wipe, and then a male performs anal on her giving the male a gooey smelly sensation.
Johnny: Dude the other day, my girlfriend told me she had too take a shit while we were making out.

Todd: What?! And you didn't even ask for a Slob-Job?
by Spenis6969 December 15, 2010