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A component of a distillation setup. The slobber box allows the distiller to drain water that has accumulated within the tubing leading from the still.
The water boiled over so One Tooth Jim opened the slobber box to save his moonshine
by mrMojoRisin' October 24, 2007

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A greasy spoon diner. A cheap cafe.
Mack and Margo ate burgers and fries over at Louie's slobber box.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005
A woman pussy after a gang bang or a nooner at work and then staying til 5pm
Hey I heard she was a slobber box. she likes to walk around with cum dripping from her pussy all day...it gets her off
by Dave March 10, 2004
when slobber is uncontrollable.
hey look you have slobber all over!
yuck! your name must be slobberbox!
you could fill a whole box with all that slobber. Stop slobbering on that seat belt its been up a dog's butt!!!
your little sister
a little sister
or a little sister
by mr. brickles May 07, 2005