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Slob on my nob is a cooler way of saying suck on my dick.
slob meaning sick and nob meaning dick.

originally first heard from the band 36 mafia in a song called-slob on my nob.
Yo frank, slob on my nob!

Lyrics from the song: Slob on my nob,like corn on the cob.
by Nick Pierce May 16, 2006
"suck my dick"
Sean always says "slob on my nob"
by Chickie April 10, 2006
Suck a dick, or perform fellatio to be exact. Slob being a truncated pronounciation of "slobber" an the nob being the dick.
From the Mafia 666 lyrics "Slob on my nob, like corn on the cob."
by TwistedBitch April 01, 2008