An unusually large, loose or smelly bowel movement. Can be used as a substitute for the words shit, crap, dump, and poop.
I ate at Chinese Food last night and had to take a huge sloane afterwards. It looked like a glass bottom boat ride.

I'm gonna get sloane-faced tonight.

You piece of sloane!
by Jose Sombrero November 06, 2008
an over dramatic otaku type who will shoot anyone on order to get her pocky
"Run for your lives, it's a Sloane!"
by Chaos Lane December 29, 2007
A skanky preppy bitch whore who often has a huge nose.
Whoa who is that over there?
Thats a sloane!
How did you know?
She has a big schnozz.
by Joe Apple April 08, 2008
a male whose equivilent to a slug; an ugly greasy guy
ew look at that sloane over there
by stefani rose March 30, 2008
Must haves include fake tan, a "hard" music taste, slutty style sense, footless tights, skinny jeans, rich stuck up attitude, jack wills trackies, having a debit card paid for by 'daddy', nude lips, purpsosely messed up hair, derogatary behaviour towards anyone who isnt 2 pounds off muscle faliure, battered ballet pumps, gold belts, oversized leather bags, being very rich but thick, denim skirts that could be a belt, long hair, going to a private school 4 rich kids ... etc etc

Optional extras include drug abuse, dyed peroxide blonde hair, getting pregnant b4 the age of 15, smoking, putting pictures of their boobs on bebo or myspace, pretending to be bi to come across more atractive to boys,

Sloanes are hard to tell apart as they dress and act in exactly the same way. They are often seen in large groups intimidating there unsloany dignified contempories or wrapped around boys, preferably older than them with hair slaped in more hair products than u wud find occupying an average salon with painfully huge egos.
look at that group of sloanes wearing jack wills
by miss-self February 27, 2007

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