(1).to be extremely horny especially around black chicks.

(2).the act of going comando.
damn that breeze feels good when you're going sloan!
by shannon daftell October 17, 2007
A quiet person who doesn't really do much.
Good morning Mr. Sloan.
by BrookeInFlorida November 21, 2011
Sloan is an AMAZING cute and has a sexy body . Hes the sweetest, kindest, loving guy. Hes the best boyfriend you can ever have. Youll love him so much. He has pretty greenish/bluish eyes . He has dirty blonde hair and just everything about him is perfect. Hes a chick magnet and he loves to party.
Sloan youll be lucky to meet him.
by mooo😛 January 31, 2015

To snort.
Person 1: "What's the go with hedgehogs? Why don't they just share the hedge?"

Person 2: Haha, *snort.

Person 1: LOLcat, my stolen jokes always get a sloan out of you.
by WhiteLando August 28, 2011
This is the brand of a toilet. Usually used to take a shit or to piss in. People sit on it to use it. This toilet brand is very common.
Sloan toilets are the best.
by Karebear13 November 25, 2014
To poop in a public place. Or to poop in your pants unannounced. Or to poop in the woods. Or to poop on your friend.
Man I was so stopped up...after I took that laxative I sloaned everywhere
by Twerkinforjesus65 November 04, 2014
a girl who makes their own Urban Dictionary definitions so they look popular
by Earl Jack November 27, 2010

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