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Slang term for sombody who is always trailing behind.

it's an abreviation of Sloak Hunt Racing.
Typical examples of a Sloaks are Prancing Wombats Racing.
by Scuffers March 07, 2008
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Verb: The act of getting something done.
When a deed of unusual means needs to be performed and does not inconvenience anyone.

Can not be used in present tense or past tense. Must always be as "to sloak"
Will leaves his bike behind the restaurant he works at because it is raining to get a ride from his parents. His friend Scunyon tells Will to not worry and pick up the bike from his house the following day. Scunyon was to sloak the bike home; so during the night Scunyon walks to the restaurant and rides it back to his house.
by Dos D. March 30, 2011
v. To be inconspicuous; to move in a sneaking or creeping way

n. a type of person, interchangeable with the word "creeper"
Man: "So then, I sloaked behind the child's dresser before searching through their underwear drawer and making off with a pair of polka-dotted panties--"

Woman: "Wow, you're such a sloak."
by Billybobpeter March 22, 2009

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