An acronym for the title of endearment: "Stuff Listenin' Nigga". This term stems directly from the root latin translation Stuffos Listenos Nigrosemus.

The existence of a Stuff Listenin' Nigga depends solely on his/her counterpart, the Stuff Tellin' Nigga. (see definition) Since the STN's purpose is, by nature, to tell stuff to other niggas, it is therefore implied that there are niggas out there who are willing to listen to the stuff that the Stuff Tellin' Nigga is telling them. The nigga that listens to the stuff that he/she is being told by the Stuff Tellin' Nigga therefore earns the title, Stuff Listenin' Nigga, to be abbreviated: SLN.
"Peebles, you my SLN, you know dat right?"

"I heaaaaaaaard dat, now. And I aint even hafta tell you that you my STN, man. Now let's go get some cake."
by timewastingsafegaurd November 10, 2009
to be really fucking slow, like a nigga
everywhere tom carton goes he swaggers... he's so sln
by ramrod December 05, 2004
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