the typical Alaskan woman that thinks she is a "gangsta" when she is really a nasty fat slut>
The slizzuts are slim picken' tonight boys.
by debo August 10, 2003
Top Definition
Slut. But with the syllable "izz" added because a one-syllable word isn't "whack" enough to be used by the largely-white users.
Yo! Where be ma slizzuts and biznitches in da hizzood?
by Dhadonna November 07, 2003
a slut. some girl in high school who wouldnt go out with you (me) but who took some queerbaits smallass dick in the ass the week after she turned you (me) down.

also that girl in college who refuses to suck your massive c0ck after you drink 17 beers in one night, yet she grabs your dick and shows you her tits then leaves you with a hard on even tho you cant get it up for a week without thinking about putting it in her ass. i mean hey dude its warm and tight just like pussy, but you can get brown stuff on your foreskin.
that slizzut wouldnt suck my dick when i said he slizzut how abouts you swallow my penis.
by mjrvodka March 22, 2003
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