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something a black man called me in jail after i had been arrested for public intoxication
"Damn! you slizzed!?"
by jamesjoneschicago January 01, 2006
Beyond drunk; the level past being drunk where you barely know your name or what the hell is going on.
"Damn I got slizzed at that party. I woke up the next day and didn't know why I wasn't wearing pants."
by Ch3lsea October 16, 2007
When one gets more drunk than anyone. The drunkest one has ever been. Getting Slizzed can only end up good. If one is slizzed eternal glory, fame, and hapiness will follow.
Oh shit, that dude is slizzed beyond repair!!!

Im getting hella slizzed tonight!

did anyone see how slizzed slizza got last night?
by slizza May 13, 2009
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