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a very slutty lizzard
that animal is a slizzard
by casley July 10, 2008
the loose skin in between your balls and the shaft of an erect and/or limp penis getting cut with a dull object. this can happen on purpuse or by accident! kind of like getting cirrcumsized.
ex. after being born, my doctor missed when trying to cirrcumsize me and gave me a slizzard.
ex. after being inductted into the boyscouts my denleader heald me down and slizzarded me
ex. BRO! that hurt so bad like a slizzard.
by lksrlgud&stf October 26, 2010
A gentler "krunk". Probably a result of too much syrup, rather than krunk, which is a result of too much hard or malt liquor
"Lick you like a lizard when I'm slizzard"
Youngbloodz use it more effectively and frequently, however.
by Don Colbleone October 07, 2002
The answer to every problem on Earth. It makes everyone happy and cures world hunger. But it could also lead to scary stuff like #NellinTheFire
Tom Cruise thinks scientology is the answer to all, but if he Slizzard then he would know he is wrong.

Hey Annette!
Yes Lincoln?
Wanna #slizzard and go to the #HushHushParty at Brock University?
by #SlizzardWizard August 29, 2010
a dude das drunk like i always am haha
Before I leave the house, i'm slizzard on a goose,
And i'm higher then a plane, so a nigga really loose
by shawnlll July 27, 2006
A southern Ohio term for a slutty girl.
Damn Sarah give good head. She's a dank slizzard.
by Real Heady Krizlo September 29, 2005
anal sex. sex that is in your butt after maximum penetration.
OMG, my friends and I (all guys) all got slizzarded by the guys in Sigma Chi.
by eric johnbang November 06, 2009
trife chick, dirty girl, female who gets around.
i had to drop her man, she was such a slizzard.
by Cup April 15, 2004

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