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a very slutty lizzard
that animal is a slizzard
by casley July 10, 2008
to catch chlamydia through unsafe sexual practices
Shelly got slizzard while out partying but didn't show any symptoms.
by redmeat17 January 31, 2011
A term for a really shitty girl who is very promiscuous, shallow, manipulative, and materialistic. A slizzard is probably pretty attractive, wears nice clothes, is definitely a gold digger, and acts way too good for everyone. Term is derived from NY Pop Punk Band With the Punches.
Dude 1: Hey man did you go on that date with Ashley on Thursday?

Dude 2: Nah, man. She's such a f*cking slizzard.
by captainlandpirate. November 11, 2010
Slizzard is when a girl takes a guy's balls and puts them between her armpit.
Hey Suzie, do you wanna slizzard me?
by ChawillCha November 11, 2010
Dairy Queens new flavor of blizzard.
Joe:Hey Tim, did you try dairy queens new blizzard flavor?
Tim: Nope, what is it?
Joe: It's Slizzard.
by LLAMASRFOSHIZZLE November 07, 2010
Verb - the act of becoming intoxicated by ingesting sliced lizzards
oh man, last night, that gecko really got me slizzard.
by _fatguy November 24, 2010
When a girl gets so drunk that she ends up with a blizzard of cum on her face.
My bitch got slizzard last night
by Anonjerkfaise October 08, 2010
A slutty skeezeball.
Emily Crozier is a slizzard.
by Joe and Sidney .. November 01, 2010