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drunk, tipsy, smashed
Before I leave the house, i'm slizzard on that goose,
And i'm higher then a plane, so a nigga really loose,
And I can lean wit it, and I can rock wit it,
by mr_gregi October 04, 2007
221 136
A sluttly lizard or a very tan almost scaley woman that enjoys sexual acts with all things. Slizzards craw through the bar scene at night or shopping centers during the day. They lie in tanning beds to gather their strength and darken their protective skin-like layer. Slizzards have extremely slow digestion and sometimes will only eat once a week. There diet tends to consist of lettuce and bodily secretions. Slizzards rarely have any personality and tend to be extremely cold-blooded. They tend to congregated together, but cannibalism is common with-in their groups. They like to get intoxicated and then perform acts of extreme perversion with all objects and peoples. Getting slizzarded is just the act of becoming so intoxicated that one begins to replicate the actions of one of these creatures. They are known to carry a myriad of contagious diseases including but not limited to: herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Slizzards tend to be extremely dangerous to men who have not ejaculated recently and should be handled with extreme caution.
Concerned Child - "Mom has been laying by the pool and making eyes at the pool boy, Enrique, also she's already had 7 margaritas. I'm worried she may be getting slizzarded."

Concerned Fraternity Bro - "Hey, I'm worried about Mark, have you seen that thing he's been with lately. It has no personality, doesn't eat, and lays in a tanning bed all day. We never see him at night anymore. I think he may be dating a Slizzard!"

Gay Uncle Tony - "Greg has been acting strange lately. I saw him just the other day with a group of scaley tan women and they kept touching him. I am worried that they're slizzards and they're doing things to him against his will."
by B-Neeze816 March 26, 2012
4 1
when a person is both drunk and high
That guy who passed out it so slizzard!
by myguitar February 20, 2011
5 2

Referring to the "slizzard" that tempted Eve. This lead to the distinction between lizards and snakes.
The Lord God said to the slizzard," Because you did this, more cursed shall you be than all the cattle and all the wild beasts: On your belly you shall crawl and dirt shall you eat all the days of your life."
Beginnings of the slizzard
by Grrawr!!! December 15, 2011
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What you get when you super glue a snake and a lizard together. Most likely resulting in the death of the lizard, unless the lizard is glued near the head of the snake. Don't try this at home (its better to do outside).
I duct taped a snake and a lizard together to make a slizzard.

To make a slizzard you have to superglue them, what you made is a sducklizzard.

Wait, isnt that when you glue a snake, duck, and lizard together?"

No that's a snuckizzard. You retard
by mishae October 22, 2010
34 33
a state of high intoxication (mostly from alcohol, but not limited to) where you think you are a slutty lizard
John: Damn, shawty already made out with five guys
Adam: Damn, she is real slizzard tonight
by Paintboy December 13, 2010
4 5
An inebriated state brought on by alcoholic slushies or other blended iced drinks.
We were totally slizzard last night at the movie theater. Thank god for whoever invented mini bottles of vodka.
by Clara Flaudenhosen October 26, 2010
11 12
When girls get so drunk that they hook up with other girls.
Judy: Did you hear she hooked up with another girl at the party last night?!
Karol: Yeah, she was definitely slizzard!
by guuwrl November 15, 2010
9 11