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drunk, tipsy, smashed
Before I leave the house, i'm slizzard on that goose,
And i'm higher then a plane, so a nigga really loose,
And I can lean wit it, and I can rock wit it,
by mr_gregi October 04, 2007
A word you use to say ur drunk
"Got ma partna in da 'lac talkin bout let's go, but I'm still slizzard from da night b4...."
-boyz n da hood-
by flosscarrots July 24, 2006
Getting heavily intoxicated and feeling like a G6, like a G6-6. It is imperative to feel like a G6 or else you are not slizzard.
I'm about to go out on the town and get mother fucking slizzard. Of course, I will need to feel like a G6, so fire up the jet.
by DrSlizzard October 08, 2010
A term used for being intoxicated or drunk. Possible etymology: The common urban tmesis of "izz" inserted into the word "slurred.". Whereas "slurred" would be the indication of being drunk and slurring ones speech. Sl-izz-urred or Sl-izz-ard.
Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
When we drink, we do it right, gettin' slizzard

- Far East Movement, "Like a G6"
by HHEB November 01, 2010
When two girls are scissoring and a dude tries to get in on it.
Dude last night my girlfriend wanted us to have a threesome with this other really hot chick, but when we got home they scissored the whole time and I just spent the whole night tryin to slizzor in on that shit. Damn, I was so down to get slizzard.
by sadpython696 October 13, 2010
Adj. - Completely intoxicated off sizzurp. Made famous in connection with its consumption in one's ride, which may well be a G6. Could very closely precede death, but will make you feel like a rockstar right up until then.
Protective Mother - “Son, stay away from that purple drank. It killed DJ Screw!”
Unheeding Son – “Yeah ma, but at least he went out slizzard.”
by thisonesfortrinkle June 13, 2011
Unkown, but typically can refer to a state of intoxication so drunk that you can't form sentences and start making up words. Then it can mean just about anything. Can be shortened to slized if also high.
Getting slizzard like a g6.

That drink got me so slizzard.

Yo, Mr. Gregory I got so slizzard off your test.

I slized your mom

You dude I got slizzard, and then also slized.
by Iamtheother January 14, 2011
When a straight girl gets so drunk she turns into a lesbian.
Mandy got so "slizzard" she made out with every chick.
by Mamalicabubuday July 30, 2013