1. A term derived from competitive multiplayer video gaming. Used to describe an opponent with such extremely low levels of life that their HP(hit point) bar appears to be empty with just a sliver of life left. Often, the term is expressed by a player who is chasing down and trying to dispatch a "sliver bitch" that is trying to make an escape with their last remaining HP.
Example 1:
*Playing League of Legends*

Player 1: Dude! Why are you running down the whole map!?
Player 2: Sliver bitch... almost got em!
*Player 2 has killed Player 4*
Player 1: Niiiiiicccceeee

Example 2:
*Playing Street Fighter*
Player 1: AHHH!!! Stop blocking, you sliver bitch, and meet your END!

Example 3:
*Playing Left 4 Dead*
Zombie Player 1: AH! I'm dead! Dude! Grab'em! There are 2 sliver bitches heading for the safe room!
Zombie Player 2: On it!
by Sliver Biatch May 28, 2011

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