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A coousin of the word slipshod, slipshat desribes a particularly lazy or thoughtless visit to the lavatory, often requiring the next visitor to clean up after the aforementioned previous slipshat perpetrator.
I've had two bowls of vegan chili with two almost raw beefburgers, and my stomach has been churning for hours. I run to the bathroom at last and relieve myself. I'm aware that something akin to a rotary muck spreader is going on in the lavatory bowl, but I'm preoccupied and daydreaming.

With a cursory wipe and a half-hearted flush, I run off to attend to other pressing matters, without a glance back to check the state of my health.

Thrtee minutes later a work colleague enters the stall. To his horror, he is the victim of my slipshat behaviour.

Not only does the entire bowl resemble Jackson Pollack's brown period, but there's even some on the seat.

by Arlo Barlow May 29, 2008

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