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combination of nipple and slip = the nipple slip = the slipple
kim: alice the boiler man's here
alice: oh shit, my slipple
*runs away to correct the slipple*
by thebumwhispererextreme November 02, 2010
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A person with the personal traits of a slut and a cripple, generally acquired within the same day.
For instance, someone who badly injures their ankle whilst trying to get laid would be considered a 'Slipple'.
by GDawgGee November 27, 2009
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tracey has a slipple
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Derivative of sloop and nipple.

<i>Sloop - A vagina that hangs open freely.

Nipple - Strange tasting and textured breast protudence that has incredible elasticity that when placed between teeth and pulled until it is about to pop off will result in your woman asking for more. </i>

A proboscis-like appendage protruding from the areola which generally exhibits the same lubricating qualities of the vagina.
She almost flipped her shit when I jammed my finger into her slipple.
by JDSpaggy January 16, 2009
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