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Drink served in a shot glass

1 oz Bailey's irish cream
1 oz Sambuca

Mixing instructions:
pour sambuca into shot glass float Bailies on top enjoy
Anyone fancy a slippery nipple??
by .A.J. March 03, 2007
An alcoholic of rum and baily's irish cream.
I really wanted one, but i was to shy to order a slippery nipple.
by Alex Long April 27, 2006
a shot drink which is made with Buttershots and Baileys Irish Creme, tastes like a reeses peanutbutter cup
i got hammered last night off those slippery nipple!
by swypergt98 December 30, 2006
type of drink i forget the ingredients
one slipperynipple please on the rocks
by boonking July 05, 2011
When two lesbians rub each others nipples with an ice cube. A guy then cums on their tits and they procede by rubbing all over each other.
Janis and Megan performed a slippery nipple with Jakes cum.
by ........josh........ November 06, 2008
when you ejaculate all over a chick's nipple and make her best friend lick it off.
when i was banging these two chicks, i gave one a slippery nipple
by stinky torrez March 10, 2003