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The memorable and gross experience of getting a really bad handshake from a limp-wristed person. The handshake feels like trying to grip the head of a dead fish and reflects someone who was never taught to shake hands properly.

The feeling of revulsion : typically persists for at least 30 seconds, recurs every time it is thought about AND especially when one sees "the limpy" again. Its recurring nature casts "the limpy" in a perpetually bad light. The sufferer of the experience sometimes foolishly tries to correct it by retrying the handshake only to get slipped the fish again, making the memory & suffering even worse.
Tyrell: Malik from Accounting just DOES NOT have a firm handshake...

Sally: Yeah I got slipped the fish by that one the first time I met him. Now when I see him I shiver. Yuck. He's a wiener leaner too...

Tyrell: Is he ill ?? or what ?
by joedaprogramma March 01, 2014
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