slipknot is a band that is not metal and fucking sucks. they have way too much people in the band. THEY ARE NOT THRASH. true thrash is slayer, old metallica and testament. not this gothic wannabe bullshit.
slayer would rape slipknot anyday
by jake brooks February 23, 2008
Slipknot is without doubt ONE of the greatest bands ever. It is composed of 9 very talented musicians. and 9 is not to many, so dont hate them just cause they have 9 members, they dont use all of them in MOST songs as a matter of fact. the members are ,
0. Sid Wilson (D.j)
1. Joey Jordison (drummer)
2. Paul Grey (Bassist)
3. Chris Fehn (Percussion)
4. James Root (Rythm Guitar)
5. Craig Jones (Samples)
6. Shawn Crahan A.K.A Clown (Percussion)
7. Mick Thompson (Leag Guitar)
8. Corey Taylor (Vocals)

As for you asshole, who says that slipknot fans need to simmer down a bit and listen to all genres of metal, I HAVE and i like them ALL, but i am most satisfied with slipknot. and you ppl who say that slipknot is nu-metal, your completely wrong cause they have no genre, they say it themselves that it is a mixture of metel/rock genres. On behalf of the beleifs of some retards (who are wrong), Slipknot is not satanic. If you do beleive they are, give me all you got! That is all i have to say. GREATEST DAMN BAND EVER!
Slipknot kicks teh shit out of slayer!!!
by caleb walser April 23, 2005
Sorry ass band pretending to be metal while they shoul all fall to their knees and do some serious fellatio on real metal bands like Slayer , Sepultura or Pantera.
The band has like 9 members, half of them are drumers and the other half pretend to play guitar, bass or sing... notice that use the word "pretend" because the noise that comes out is annoying.
"Dude, Pete Sandoval from Morbid Angel can kick Slipknot's 4+ drumers combined"
by JK1112 December 22, 2003
the 9 membered band that will kill you with there voices
in the news slipknot killed a boy of 10 by shouting all hope is gone
by sexyemoboithingylols October 05, 2009
A band that calls its unintelligible screeches music.
I listened to Slipknot, and I didn't know if it was the radio breaking or them actually performing
by a somewhat smart person September 24, 2009
A band. An extremely overrated band at that. The fans, or so they call themselves 'maggots' are highly stupid, and they lack in knowledge of metal.
Emo: Slipknot are fucking hardcore!

Metalhead: Dude. They suck, so shut the fuck up.

Emo: Noway! Joey is the bestest fastest drummer ever!

Metalhead: Die.
by Saikosis August 19, 2007
A crappy poser-metal band that gives stupid people something to jump up and down to, and gives fat, greasy-haired, "non-conformist" kids something to listen to while they pretend to have their own thought process.

It takes nine people to create the annoying, talentless noise that is Slipknot.

They wear masks to make themselves look scary and threatening, and they try to make their songs "heavy" when it just ends up sounding like static. Their drummer pretty much just stomps his feet and makes a continuous repetitive drumbeat over ridiculously distorted, repetitive, un-original and barely-audible guitar sounds.

One of their songs has a twenty-second repetitive screaming verse in which whatever the hell the singer's name is screams "I want to die!" about ten times. I say we give them their wish.

If you listen to Slipknot, you are probably an idiot. If you listen to Slipknot and are NOT an idiot, you're probably just a very angry person with no sense of tone or music.

Listen to Tool.
Slipknot Steve: Slipknot rox, if u don liek dem u r a fag

Me: ...k.

Slipknot Steve: wut, u don think so?

Me: No, actually.

Sliknot Steve: fuk u u fag, slipknot rulz. ur a faggy fag fag. u like men. ur gay u gay homo fag.

Me: *plays a Tool song*

Slipknot Steve: *explodes*
by And NO I DON'T LIKE SLAYER. July 23, 2006

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