A band consisting of older men from iowa which can be deffined from the perspectives of magots (devoted slipknot fans who believe the band is the only thing in the world.)
the perspective of a hater (the group of people who are convinced that slipknot is a group a talentless assholes.)
and also from the perspective of a smart person. ( a normal person/ musician who can see and appreciate the success of a band who preforms because they love to.)

from the perspective of a magot: Slipknot is the fucking best. They are so awesome and so cool! They have he greatest screamer ever, the greatest drummer ever, and the greatest guitqrist ever!

From the perspective of a hater: A talentless band consisting of a bunch of old dried up fags with a fan base made of angsty, angry, dumb asses with no real musical taste.

From the perspective of a smart person: slipknot is a nu-metal band that could be defined in other genres. They are decently talented, very agrresive, and very popular band with a very talented drummer and a good vocalist. But hes no Mitch Lucker or anything.

From the
Slipknot has a various opinions on their music.
by IrSuicideSilence September 02, 2010
the 9 membered band that will kill you with there voices
in the news slipknot killed a boy of 10 by shouting all hope is gone
by sexyemoboithingylols October 05, 2009
A band that calls its unintelligible screeches music.
I listened to Slipknot, and I didn't know if it was the radio breaking or them actually performing
by a somewhat smart person September 24, 2009
slipknot is a band that is not metal and fucking sucks. they have way too much people in the band. THEY ARE NOT THRASH. true thrash is slayer, old metallica and testament. not this gothic wannabe bullshit.
slayer would rape slipknot anyday
by jake brooks February 23, 2008
a bunch of old retarded men making money off rebellious teenagers, who have hit puberty and have decided to go 'hardcore'. Slipknot wear masks to cover up te fact that they are ugly old men whereas their fans believe it to be just a part of 'real music'. nu-metal is shit and slipknot know it and are laughing all the way to the bank.
bob: lets make some money
bill: yeah! how?
bob: lets do a slipknot and dress up
bill: good idea, all the impressionable kids will fall for it for sure!
bob: *evil laugh*
by Deleighla Casablancas August 29, 2004
1band that is mainly preffered by people who
A. hate their parents
B. Think it is "not mainstream" and therefore cool.

2. Some rabid, mask wearing people from iowa who were given guitars by some strange error in life.
slipknot is only good when your mad, otherwise it just makes you mad
by oi July 24, 2003
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