A type of knot used in hangings.
I hate the band "slipknot"
by Anonymous April 14, 2003
Slipknot is without doubt ONE of the greatest bands ever. It is composed of 9 very talented musicians. and 9 is not to many, so dont hate them just cause they have 9 members, they dont use all of them in MOST songs as a matter of fact. the members are ,
0. Sid Wilson (D.j)
1. Joey Jordison (drummer)
2. Paul Grey (Bassist)
3. Chris Fehn (Percussion)
4. James Root (Rythm Guitar)
5. Craig Jones (Samples)
6. Shawn Crahan A.K.A Clown (Percussion)
7. Mick Thompson (Leag Guitar)
8. Corey Taylor (Vocals)

As for you asshole, who says that slipknot fans need to simmer down a bit and listen to all genres of metal, I HAVE and i like them ALL, but i am most satisfied with slipknot. and you ppl who say that slipknot is nu-metal, your completely wrong cause they have no genre, they say it themselves that it is a mixture of metel/rock genres. On behalf of the beleifs of some retards (who are wrong), Slipknot is not satanic. If you do beleive they are, give me all you got! That is all i have to say. GREATEST DAMN BAND EVER!
Slipknot kicks teh shit out of slayer!!!
by caleb walser April 23, 2005
A awesome band. Better before there newest album. 9 man band who know one can copy.

Met 3 members Cory, Chris and Paul.

Nice guys.

"Man I saw Slipknot, and they are Kick ass!"
by Jillthemaster August 21, 2004
a kick ass band with nine guy. their music is great and they put on an amazing live show. their best songs in my opinion are
1. spit it out
2. my plague
3. liberate
4. people=shit
5. everything ends
if you dont like them thats fine, but people who are saying if you wear a hot topic t shirt your not a real maggot, stfu. the real non-maggots are the people who you ask "do you like slipknot?" and they say yes or w/e and they only know them from guitar hero. those are the real tools.
slipknot is an amazing band and if you dont like them you can kiss my ass
by bearseph March 01, 2009
Nu Metal band that doesn't even define metal. Whoever said these are black metal are losers.
Morbid Angel >>>> Slipknot
At the Gates >>>> Slipknot
Nile >>>> Slipknot
Dimmu Borgir >>>> Slipknot
by BLARDIBOO November 25, 2003
Slipknot is 9 piece band from Des Moines, Iowa. "True " or "kvlt" metalheads will call Slipknot 'false metal/emo/goth/etc'. I just call them a metal band. Before anyone starts calling me a 'poseur', at least hear me out. You either love them or hate but don't call them shit if you've never listened to them. At least respect Slipknot. To "true" metalheads: Yes i know Slayer, old Metallica, Pantera, Lamb of God, etc.(you get the idea) are awesome and Slipknot can't compare to them,it doesn't give you the right to call them shit and call others poseurs only because they listen to Slipknot without knowing what other bands they listen to. Yes i know there are a lot of 13 yr olds that listen to Slipknot and say their the heaviest band in the world. I've heard more Pantera and Lamb of Godon the radio than i've heard Slipknot. I only hear Slipknot when a person calls in and requests it. Slipknot didn't steal the mask idea from Mushroomhead. Mushroomhead paints their faces. Slipknot wears masks. How people came up with this idea is beyond me. To all the poseurs out there: Slipknot an awesome band, but you guys are making us look like idiots. Slipknot is not black metal, death metal, or thrash/speed metal. Slipknot is not the heaviest band in the world, so get a fucking life!. To all maggots and metalheads(i.e. not poseurs who only like them cause it pisses your fucking parents off): We should all be out there after the the members of Limp Dickshit, i mean Limp Bizkit, so we can kill them for making shit that some idiot decided to call 'music'(i'm using the term 'music' loosly). Especially that retarded asswipe Fred Durst.

Get a life and try a different genre of metal. You never know, you might actually like it.
MMFCL and stay (SIC) fuckers.
*posur*Lik whatcha you listnin' to?
*me* Slipknot, Slayer, Child-*gets cut-off*
*me**kicks poseur in face a couple times* Go listen to some Deicide or Dying Fetus then come back and see if you can still say that.*walks off*

*stereotypical metalhead*what're you listening to?
*me*Children of Bodom, Dying Fetus, ICP, Slipknot,-
*stereotypical metalhead**completely ignores the other bands I said*SLIPKNOT SUCKS!! THEY'RE SHITTY FASLE METAL!!!YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER POSEUR!!!
*me*Don't spew diarrhea of the mouth without ever listening to the band.*puts Gemetria (the Killing Name) on*
*stereotypical metalhead*Hey that's not too bad. Who is that?
*stereotypical metalhead*Really? They're not as bad as I thought. Still not my style though.
*me*Told you.
by Sqeek the college juggalette July 24, 2009
Slipknot is a sort of teenie bopper heavy metal band. They are very good and have agressive and gr8 lyrics. They need a new guitarist tho :P But the drummer is very good. Since going mainstream alot of people do think they are for teenie boppers. I still think they are gr8 altho i do prefer some of the better heavy metal out there like opeth etc etc
Stapled shut - Inside an outside world and I'm
Sealed in tight – Bizarre but right at home
Claustrophobic - Closing in and I'm
Catastrophic - Not again
I’m smeared across the page - And doused in gasoline
I'm wear you like a stain - Yet I'm the one who's obscene
Catch me up on all your sordid little indiscretions
I've got no time to lose, I'm just caught up in all the cattle

Frey the strings…
Throw the shapes…
Hold your breath…

I am a world before I am a man
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget
Before I forget that!
by Bex July 10, 2004
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