It's incredibly great that a lot of definitions about this band include the words "suck" "shit" "worthless" etc... i bet if one of you read a bad definition about Jay-Z or AFI, you'd probably go cut your wrists and cry to your mommy.
Anyway... Slipknot's a 9-man band from Des Moines, Iowa. While the general idea is that Slipknot is nu-metal/rapcore/metal/etc...and while it's true they are those things, they are also something else. They're a band that has come a long way from their roots (if any of you listened to Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. you'll know what i mean...) and has become an extremely talented band. I'm not sure what happened to the original singer, but the current singer, Corey Taylor, was recruited to sing for the band after the original vocalist departed from the band, or got kicked out, or something. In any case, I don't particularly give a shit what you boyband-lovers have to say about them...Corey has an amazing set of vocal cords, being able to go from the hard, face-ripping, mother-sodomizing growls of "The Heretic Anthem" heard on Iowa to the melodic, soul-wrenching singing of "Snuff" from their new cd, All Hope Is Gone. James and Mick play guitar like they'll die if they stop, and Joey is one of the best drummers i personally have ever heard.

Yes, Corey does use a lot of profanity. Profanity's a good way to express frustration, anger, hopelessness, and other emotions...which is the general theme running through their songs. Slipknot is excellent to listen to when you're pissed, upset, or just feel like rocking your fucking brains out.

No, they did NOT "steal" their ideas for the masks from GWAR or Mushroomhead or anyonethefuckelse. Corey himself described it as a way for the band to disassociate themselves from who they are outside of the band and to get more invovled in the music. Stating that Slipknot stole the idea for masks from another band is like if someone called you out because you happened to pick up the same fucking pair of shoes from Wal Mart as they get the fuck over yourselves. There was a lot of shit over how the members appear outside of the band without masks...well...the fuck do you want? The masks are a part of Slipknot, not Stone Sour when Corey's singing with them, or Korn since Joey's been drumming for them occasionally.

While Slipknot is a very talented band, anyone stating that they are "the best" probably needs a foot in their ass. No one band can be the best at any genre, because all people have different tastes, and while I personally love every cd they've put out since their self-titled, you may only like Iowa, or think Murderdolls is better, or just not like Slipknot. That's fine. But you dont aquire millions of fans and go platinum by being a piece of shit, and there's figures floating around the net to prove that Slipknot doesn't suck. They're decent. You dont have to like them, but at least respect them. Music is just a way to tell a story, explain a lesson, relate feelings... it's not the way the story is told, but the story itself.

As for the rest of you Slipknot fans...STAY (sic) MUTHAFUCKASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Listen to Slipknot's 9.0 Live cd...i swear to all that is good and kind your blood will be pumping and you'll want to headbang and jump the fuck around like you just lost your mind.
by ihax0rdyourhymen August 23, 2008
A band that is apparently "Nu-metal"
I myself do not particularly care for them. I mean, you know, if you do that's totally fine. Everybody has an opinion. I just like having melody in my music, you know? I also like singers who actually sing instead of grunt. And guitar and bass riffs that haven't been unnecessarily distorted. I mean distortion is cool to a point. But when it's all you do with your riffs, it's just like: "why would you need to do that?"
You know? And i understand that they never asked to be very successful. I get that. I just don't see why they are so successful is all. But like I said, if you like them, that's fine. Be yourself. Maybe you can recommend some of their better songs to anybody who says they suck. I'm sure I've overlooked some of their better stuff. I apologize for any anger my possible ignorance has caused.
Guy 1:I love Slipknot!!!

Guy 2: That's fine. I think they could be a lot better, myself. I mean they have talent, sure, I just don't think that it's being put to good use. But then again, I suppose there are lots of different kinds of music out there, each with it's own fanbase.

Guy 1:Yeah, I suppose I see where you're coming from. I just like fast-paced, loud, kind of "darkish" sounding music.

Guy 2: And there's nothing wrong with that. We all have our own tastes.

Guy 1: Well, thank you for being so open minded.

Guy 2: No problem.

Guy 1:...

Guy 2:...

Guy 1:...

Guy 2:...rap sucks.

Guy 1: Oh, god yes, I hate rap.
by theonewholikesbacon July 26, 2008
A 9-piece Nu-Metal/Industrial band from Des Moines, Iowa. Often called "sellouts" and the like. I personally quite like them. They aren't my favourite band, Children of Bodom or Dimmu Borgir is, but hey.
Whatever people say, they don't suck. Joey is an amazing drummer and Corey is a fairly good vocalist, although his voice has deteriorated. Mick and James (No.s 6 and 7) the guitarists are also good. They aren't like your average nu-metal band who always play about five drop-D power chords every song. No. Listen to some of the solos on Vol. 3. They may not be the best, but they are good.

To the lovers: Slipknot are not death metal. If you want that, listen to Deicide or Cannibal Corpse. Nor are they the best band in the world. No band is, it's all down to opinion. Also, calm down and stop insulting other people's music... It's really annoying...

To the haters: Slipknot don't suck. They didn't sell out. They aren't about money either. They were all playing in local bands for years before they made it big with Slipknot.

Hater: Slipknot are sell-outs, posers and fags... (Note that they have no reason for saying this other that "'coz they are.")
by Dimmu September 05, 2006
A type of knot used in hangings.
I hate the band "slipknot"
by Anonymous April 14, 2003
A rock band that consists of 9 members. Their genre has been endlessly debated ever since their S/T album. Fans (icluding myself) are called maggots by the band and usually call Slipknot simply heavy metal and/or hardcore while so-called "true metalheads" (who themselves are often extreme-metal fans and appear to hate just about any form of mainstream metal and/or rock) call Slipknot nu-metal and/or non-metal. Slipknot refer to themselves as simply metal. "True" Goths and "true metalheads" often bash Slipknot. Some people even go so far as to say Slipknot is untalented which I could say about probably half of the bands or music groups that they listen to. People often say Slipknot fans (or maggots) are musically-tasteless mallcore kids, but some fans are just normal teenagers that happen to like Slipknot's music. Also, detractors of Slipknot's music will say all that it is is screaming, even though they've never even listened to Slipknot's music themselves. Slipknot also has a lot of talent. Corey Taylor's vocals can range from aggresive screaming to melodic singing. Joey Jordison is one of the fastest drummers on Earth (or at least in the US.) Slipknot is a really great band overall. Of course, if you're some stupid-fuck that claims Slipknot sucks and yet you haven't listened to any of their music, or you can't handle aggresive music than I guess Slipknot isn't for you and you aren't Slipknot-worthy. Some of the fans also claim to be true maggots but actually have only heard of their more popular songs (i.e. Duality, Wait and Bleed) and claim to be fans only because they wear Slipknot T-Shirts and hoodies.
Slipknot hater: Aw, man, Slipknot sucks! All they do is scream and worship satan and they suck and got no talent, man! They are wannabe-metal and wannabe-goth, man! And all their fans are poseurs!
Maggot: You asswipe! You haven't even heard of any of their songs, have you? Also, true fans don't have to dress a certain way nor should they care whether Slipknot is metal or not! So fuck off!
Slipknot hater: Uh, I think I heard like uh this one song by them, like uh... Hot in Herre or something like that
Maggot: That's Nelly, dumbass! I'm gonna play one of their albums. Hmm... I think I'll play Iowa!
Slipknot hater: Agghh! My ears! Can't-stand-good-music! Must-listen-to pop, rap, emo, and R & B crap that floods the radio stations and MTV!!!! Agggh!
by ilikepie714 August 25, 2006
When the popular rapcore band known as Slipknot burst forth from the dry flatlands of Iowa, the world never knew they were in for the ride of their life until they got the first taste of Slipknot's brutally beautiful metal. While Slipknot's music is bashed by many other metal artists, one cannot deny that a band that pretty much pioneered their style in the 90's cannot suck to an unbearable level.
With dark, unusual and hauntingly original music, disturbing masks, and crazy shows, Slipknot has often been called the best metal band in the world. Named the best live band of 2005 by MTV, they certainly know how to kick it up a notch in some of the most memorable live performances since KISS.
Slipknot is not an iffy band you love them or you don't- this is not a conceited statement, but meant literally-they produce a sound that can either wear your nerves or tame them-no in-the-middle gray areas.
Corey Taylor has belted out the vocals for all the records except for one record, in which Anders did the vocals for- Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.- a more death-metalish sound resulting. Joey Jordison does drumming, Mick Thomson on lead guitar, James Root on Rythym Guitar, Sid Wilson on Turntables, Paul Gray on Bass ,Chris Fehn for custom Percussion, Craig Jones with Samples/media, and Shawn Crahan on custom percussion.
Corey Taylor( vocalist for Slipknot):"You don't sell out concerts, meet millions of fans and go platinum if your music sucks. Period."

Popular quote, good point. Period.
by NostalgiaSucks July 01, 2006
A group of angry masked men standing around... in masks.
Wow. Look. It's Slipknot... look how masky they are.
by Robert Goodberry May 06, 2005

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